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• My intention is to guide and inspire leaders to be mythical heroes in their own stories or the stories of their organizations or causes, heroes who transform hearts and minds to create solutions for a better more peaceful world.

I could never have imagined where my voice would take me when I received my Master of Music degree in Applied Voice from CSUF in 1979. I was already singing concert music and opera professionally and teaching voice; I earned my union cards as a session singer in commercials (and in a B movie,) and while treading the boards in musicals. However, life took an especially interesting turn when I was chosen to be the smoke and mirrors behind the first voice-actuated computer in the 80’s. Touring as the Vanna White of the company (the now-defunct Heuristics,) I became intrigued with technology and the voice, including how people use the voice to persuade and influence, and now how that happens in the era of digital communication. Today, even as I still perform in cabaret and concerts, I am an executive coach and the author of Can You Hear Me Now? Harnessing the power of your vocal impact in 31 days. My clients include executives in Fortune 50 companies who want to have greater impact in their companies and in the world. An expert on vocal impact, my radio interviews have included making the KNX news room try out “mask resonance,” and giving Valentine’s Day advice on how to create a sexy voice on the Wayne and Jane show in Canada. Great fun!

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